APOB Registration
  •  APOB stands for Additional Place of Business registration that is necessarily required to be done before you can start availing the FC benefits.
  • E-commerce Sellers opting for fulfilment centre services from various E-commerce portals have to register their Fulfilment Centre as their Additional Place of Business(APOB) online on GST portal.
  • It is mandatory for sellers opting for FC services as their goods will be stored in the Fulfilment Centre and are picked, packed, shipped and delivered across all cities in India on behalf of sellers as per the orders placed by end customers
  • Fulfilling orders through FCs is very simple. All you need to do is transfer your stock to an FC and leave the order processing to an FC partner. Once the order is received, your FC partner will pack and ship the products to the end customer on your behalf.

Benefits of Registering Fulfilment Centres

This network gives seller power of multiple benefits in e-commerce operations:

  •  Skilled manpower well-equipped storage space to fulfil orders at an optimized cost.
  • You focus on selling more products & we manage to deal with multiple couriers.
  • Reach your consumer faster. Achieve higher customer satisfaction & faster payouts.
  • Better product visibility.
  • All FC products are tagged as fulfilled by E-commerce Portals giving better customer attention.

Documents required for APOB Registration

  • Documents Required for GST Registration

    Documents required for APOB Registration

    • GST Login Credentials i.e User id & Password
    • Address of the Fulfillment Centre needs to be registered
    • NOC from the owner/warehouse service provider if applicable
    • Board resolution for the new place of business in case of company
    • Copy of ownership deed along with property tax receipt or Copy of Rent/ Lease agreement or warehousing services agreement for additional place of business


  • Step 1

    Assignment of expert & Collection of Information by mail

  • Step 2

    Filling of Application Form GST REG-14  for the changes required and generation of ARN with 15 minutes of submission of application

  • Step 3

    Verification & Approval by proper officer within 15 days in FORM GST REG-15

  • Step 4

    Grant of Amended  GST Registration Certificate – If the documents and application filed is in place 

Our Prices


Get the FC Registered

899 .00

Inclusive of all taxes


APOB Registration + GST Registeration(if any other state)

2499 .00

Inclusive of all taxes


APOB Registration + GST Registeration(if any other state)+ Class II DSC

3299 .00

Inclusive of all taxes

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are opting for Fulfilment Centre services, you have to register Fulfilment Centre as your Additional Place of Business (APoB) in your tax registrations. This is required because your goods are stored in the fulfilment centres and are picked, packed and delivered as per the orders placed by end customers across all cities in India. As online marketplace a seller, you may have your customers based out of any state in India, therefore GSTIN is required to sell goods online. If you are selling/shipping products from multiple states, you will require a separate GSTIN for each such state. Consequently, registering the respective fulfilment centre as an APoB becomes necessary.

Fulfillment Centre also referred to as FC is a facility where merchants can keep their products in a sort of warehouse to make the order process simpler.

There is no restriction on number of fulfilment centres you can add to your account. Follow the procedure and add as many fulfilment centres as you want across the state.

Yes, FSSAI license is required for if you are selling food items/consumable products. FSSAI license should have  fulfilment centre as one of the additional place of business since your goods will be stored in the Amazon fulfilment centre and are picked, packed and delivered as per the orders placed by end customers on sellers across all cities in India.

If you do not have GST registration number yet, then you need to determine your obligations to register and apply for the GST registration number for the state from where you are selling as GST registration is mandatory to sell your products online

No, You cannot register any fulfillment centre as your primary place of business in that particular state. You should have a primary place of business for that state before registering APOB

You will need to have a GSTIN for each state from where you ship your products.