GST Registration

As of July 1, 2017, any seller who wants to sell across India needs to enrol for GST (Goods and Services Tax), except if the seller sells goods or services under exempt categories. The GST registration process is entirely paperless which means that it will take place online or digitally. There will not be any hard copies or physical printouts required for the enrollment. All businesses that successfully register under GST are assigned a unique Goods and Services Tax Identification Number also know as GSTIN.

GSTIN(Goods & Service Tax Identification Number








GSTIN is basically a 15-digit number which has replaced the Tax Identification Number (TIN). The registration in GST is PAN-based and State specific. The supplier has to register in each such State or Union territory from where he effects supply

Mandatory or Compulsory registration

  • Aggregate turn over in the financial year is above the exemption threshold of 20 lakh rupees (10 lakh rupees in special category states except for J & K).
  • Inter-state supplies of taxable goods.
  • Inter-state supplies of taxable services whose aggregate turnover exceeds Rs. 20 Lakh (ten lakh rupees for special category States except for J & K)
  • A person receiving supplies on which tax is payable by the recipient on a reverse charge basis
  • Non-resident taxable persons who are not having a fixed place of business in India
  • A person who supplies on behalf of some other taxable person (i.e. an Agent of some Principal)
  • E-commerce operators, who provide a platform to the suppliers to make supply through it
  • E-commerce Vendors or Suppliers of goods who supply through such e-commerce operator who is liable to collect tax at source.
  • E-commerce Suppliers of services supplying services through e-commerce operators whose aggregate turnover exceeds Rs. 20 Lakh
  • E-commerce operators who are notified as liable for GST payment under Section 9(5) of the CGST Act, 2017
  • TDS Deductor
  • Input service distributor (ISD)
  • Those supplying online information and database access or retrieval services from outside India to a non-registered person in India.
  • Casual taxable person* who is not having fixed place of business in the State or Union Territory from where he wants to make the supply.
  • *Exception:- However casual taxable persons making supplies of specified handicraft goods need not take compulsory registration and are entitled to the threshold exemption of Rs. 20 Lakh.

Registration not required

  • Turnover< 20 Lakhs (except compulsory registration cases): Small businesses having all India aggregate turnover below Rupees 20 lakh (10 lakh if the business is in Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Manipur, Mizoram, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Nagaland or Tripura) need not register
  • Wholly Exempt Goods & Services: Persons who are engaged exclusively in the business of supplying goods or services or both that are not liable to tax or wholly exempt from tax or
  • An agriculturist, to the extent of supply of produce out of cultivation of land, is not liable to register under GST.
  • Reverse Charge supplies: If all the supplies being made by a supplier are taxable under reverse charge, there is no requirement for such a supplier to register in light of Notification No. 5/2017-Central Tax dated 19.06.2017


Generally, it takes 3 to 7 days after filling the application to get the registration certificate in case all the documents are in place and accepted by the government subject to the Government approval.

Documents Required for GST Registration

  • Documents Required for GST Registration

    Documents required for Individual/ Proprietorship

    • PAN Card of Proprietor or Individual
    • Passport Size Photograph of Individual
    • Aadhaar Card Copy
    • Address Proof for Principal Place of business
    • Bank Account Statement / Cancelled Cheque
    • Declaration for Authorised Signatory (in Case Authorised Signatory is other than the Proprietor)
  • Documents required for Partnership

    • Pan Card of the Partnership Firm
    • Passport Size Photograph of all the Partners
    • PAN & ID Proof of Designated Partners
    • Partnership Deed
    • Address Proof for Principal Place of business
    • Bank Account Statement / Cancelled Cheque
    • Declaration for Authorised Signatory
    Documents Required for GST Registration
  • Documents Required for GST Registration

    Documents required for LLP

    • Pan Card of the LLP
    • LLP Partnership agreement &Incorporation Certificate
    • Copy of Board Resolution Appointing Authorized Signatory
    • Passport Size Photograph of all the designated Partners
    • PAN & ID Proof of Designated Partners
    • Address Proof for Principal Place of business
    • Bank Account Statement / Cancelled Cheque
  • Documents required for Private Limited Company / Public Limited Company / OPC

    • Pan Card of the Company
    • Incorporation Certificate
    • MOA / AOA & Copy of Board Resolution
    • Passport Size Photograph of all the directors/ nominee directors
    • PAN & Address Proof of all the directors / nominee directors
    • Address Proof for Principal Place of business
    • Bank Account Statement / Cancelled Cheque
    Documents Required for GST Registration

Registration Process

  • Step 1

    Simply snap a pic of your documents with your phone or provide us with all the scanned copy of all the requisite documents online by mail.

  • Step 2

    We will check the weather all the documents are complete as required and inform you if any discrepancy.

  • Step 3

    Filling of Application Online on GST Portal and wait for the response of the application.

  • Step 4

    Grant of GST Registration Certificate – If the documents and application filed is in place, then the department shall be issued the GST registration certificate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a person can get registered voluntarily under GST in terms of sub-section (3) of section 25. All the provisions will apply to him as they apply to a registered person.

The aggregate value of all taxable supplies in respect of the activities carried out on an all-India basis including the value of:
i. exported goods/services,
ii. exempted goods/ services,
iii. inter-state supplies between distinct persons having the same PAN
but excludes
i. value of such inward supplies on which the recipient is required to pay tax under Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM)
ii. the element of central tax, state tax, union territory tax and integrated tax and compensation cess.

No, there is no concept of a central GST registration. Every PAN holder will have one GSTIN per State. Therefore, an entity having its branches in more than one state will have to take separate state wise registrations for each of its branches in different states even if they hold a single PAN,

Yes, an entity can obtain separate registrations if in case it has separate business verticals within the state.

Yes, a person, though not liable to be registered may get himself registered voluntarily.

No, a Job worker is a supplier of services and will be obliged to take registration only when his turnover crosses the prescribed threshold of 20/10 Lakhs.

Electronically signing the Registration Application using DSC is mandatory for enrolment by Companies, Foreign Companies, Limited Liability Partnership (LLPs) and Foreign Limited Liability Partnership (FLLPs). For other taxpayers, electronically signing using DSC is optional. You may purchase our DSC package from herebefore proceeding in case you do not have a DSC

New dealers crossing the specified threshold limit need to get registered within 30 days from crossing of such limit.

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